SNMP management system called Ikarus provides graphical interface between administrator and managed GPON network. Ikarus is developed by OFA company for management and maintance of ZTE GPON networks. The key feature of this system is simplicity. Ikarus focus on quick registration of new ONTs and easy configuration maintance of GPON network. All new registered ONU are automatically added to monitoring and diagnose systems. Sophisticated monitoring system can recognise significant changes occured in network which activate alarm and network administrator will be informed by SMS or email. Ikarus also allow to do multiple changes, for example change bandwidth profile for specific group of ONUs.

Supported features
Setup of triple-play services TV, Data (including the rate for the customer), Phone; specification of correct VLAN for a service
Setup of security functions for ONT Firewall, DHCP Snooping, Option82, IP source guard
ONT modes Setup of Bridge (eg. for different ports - typically for STB) Router; IP source selection - static, DHCP, PPPoE
Optical power diagnostic Power level ONT/OLT, distance from OLT, temperature of ONT, firmware version, broken fiber detection, uptime/downtime
ONT status monitoring Working, dying, loss; also support of restore defaults or reboot ONT

NMS Ikarus is working in cloud architecture. NMS server runs on CentOS and connection to NIX is ensured with redundant direct lines. System based on this architecture doesn’t need install new programs. ISP login to NMS server through webpages via HTTP/HTTPS protocol from any devices. Every ISP have unique login and password. ISP can manage all OLT in his network after succesfull login. Change of configuration is applied immediately (SNMP OID is send to OLT). NMS Ikarus can be connected with any account/billing system via SOAP / REST, now also by using webhooks. It allows automatic configuration of unregistered ONU according parameters stored in account/billing system. If ISP require to use own NMS server we can install Ikarus to ISP’s server placed in his network. In the case of interest please contact us at ztegpon@ofacom.cz. NMS Ikarus can be customized for every ISP. We can change language, create several levels of administrator accounts and also we can add new functions to NMS.

Client requirements Ordinary PC with Java supporting web browser
There is no need for installation of any software on client side. The only conditions are Internet connection and authentification on Ikarus server.
Suppoerted web browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome
OLT requirements Open ports 161 (SNMP) and 162 (SNMP Trap) from the Internet.
Setting unique name of community string.
If you are interested, it's possible to install NMS server locally on your server with CentOS platform
Graphs daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
Power parameters ONT/OLT signal power, power of laser on ONT
Data flows Both directions for OLT and ONT including separating on multicast, unicast and broadcast packets.
ONT status working/dying/los, uptime/downtime, power level ONT/OLT, distance from OLT, temperature of ONT, firmware version, broken fiber detection
Watchdog Alarms via SMS and Emails of each parameters or, for example, for specific ONT.

Basic principles of Ikarus